SkipTheDishes Android & iOS Apps

Project details

When we set out to redesign the existing SkipTheDishes apps for both iOS and Android, we wanted to follow Apple and Google’s new specs closely. Additionally, the apps should include recent updates, like the ability to view a courier in real-time using our new live order tracker.

We developed many possible versions, referring to both Apple and Google’s app specifications. While we wanted to ensure that the new Skip apps felt as close to native as possible, we also wanted to have the Skip voice shine through. In the end, we retained a familiar look and feel to the recently updated Skip website and order tracker.

The team then worked alongside the dev group to ensure pixel perfect results at a breakneck pace to meet the release date. We met all requirements and addressed existing issues in the updated versions of both apps.

The results were well received based on the reviews submitted by users to the App Store and Google Play Store.