Payworks Client Portal

Project details

When it came to complete redesign of the Payworks customer portal, there were several factors to consider. We wanted to improve usability, give it a modern look, and leverage new technology in the Payworks application. With recently updated TOR and HR modules, it made sense to make use of that technology on the portal.

We were able to use data like the number of employees away that day or upcoming payroll days to power widgets and tiles on the screen to display. These would then display relevant information to the logged in user and, depending on the credentials used, the cards would change.

News about Payworks itself was another important part of the portal. Keeping customers aware of as closures, updates, etc was something the original design did not do well. Our research with heat maps showed that people ignored the the updates or didn’t even see them. For our redesign, we placed them alongside the contextual information at the top and made them more appealing with color and images.

The original portal felt stale due to lack of many relevant content updates. For our redesign, we created different cards or tiles, each with their own information source. These were then updated often by marketing or product teams. The layout adapted as departments added or removed content. The result was a fresh look and feel with every visit.