Flocker Marketing Site

Project details

A lot has changed since we launched the original version of the Flocker marketing page. Since we began adding new features and functionality to the platform, we needed a better way to present the product to steamers.

In the revised version of our marketing page, we focused on the elements of the service we knew had been working for us. We kept some of our playful animated sheep in our header but used the real estate at the top of the page to show off the tools available through the service.

Testimonials were something we knew we’d be getting into shortly so we devoted a section of the page to adding quotes from users. Again, we kept things light here by adding a simple graphic in the background and a quick quote from the user.

Another area we’d be getting feedback from users was knowing ahead of signing up what sorts of products were available to make merch with. With this in mind, we added an area that showed off some of the clothing provided by our distributor. We even mark new items so people know when there’s something fresh to use.