Flocker Merch Builder

Project details

Through conversations with creators, we found that updates to our merch builder could improve usability and flow. We also wanted to further help users avoid common issues while uploading assets.

We made minor adjustments like moving the product title to the bottom of the page and we removed sizes. Instead, we offered all products in whatever sizes were available.

While we offered templates, it wasn’t as easy as it should have been to find them. We added a link to download the applicable template right inline with the graphics section.

We also found that users were uploading art with gradients or transparencies that we knew would have a negative impact on the final product. To address this, we began adding helpful tips and hints (Pro-tips) throughout the process.

We determined that users weren’t adding any sort of membership pricing to their merch. This is a popular feature amongst the users we chatted with, but the process to do this wasn’t clear enough. In our improved builder, we made these fields available at all times, under the regular price.

Because of this and the other changes made, we noticed less scrolling up and down the page, and more users setting member pricing on their merch.