Dialog Android App & Logo

Project details

With Dialog, I wanted to create a mobile app for Android users of the Micro.blog service. At the time, apps existed for iOS, and macOS while Android users had to blog using the service’s website.

I’ve always been a big fan of Material Design so I wanted to follow it as much as possible in the inital design, which was to be a version of Micro.blog for Android. Because of this, the look and feel matched the site and app in appearance and feature set.

Through discussions with the creator of the service, we determined that this app should have its own unique identity. So, a brand was then established, as Dialog, with a logo and color palette to differentiate it.

Users of Micro.blog running Android were in contact throughout this process about their requirements in an app. I was able to determine features needed in the MVP, and we moved forward with development. The existing wireframes were then recolored and built by our developer in Kotlin. The beta began in 2018.

We received feedback about the layout of the timeline and new post screen which we adjusted during the change to Material Theming. I also took this oppertunity to create a new look and feel for the app and icon, leading to Dialog’s full release from beta into production in January 2019.

Dialog currently has a 4.2 rating in the Play Store, with over 500 installations to date.